Project Development Advisory Services

Our team of staff members is composed of a near full array of professional disciplines that is capable of project development advisory services right from inception to completion.

We shall advise you on:-

  • Statutory requirements
  • The necessary documents
  • Grey areas in the implementation of the project.
  • Location: :

    First Avenue South
    Isiolo Road
    Kahawa Sukari Avenue
    Kahawa Sukari

  • Phone: :

    +254 722 487 317

We have over time found out that most developers and even contractors search for advice when they are already deep into implementation stage and this becomes financially too expensive for them due to legal processes engaged to sort out disputes.

Some of these projects become white elephants for years because they had no independent advisor before or during implementation.
E.C.C.O.N.S has the capacity to advice you at the conceptual, contractual, implementation and occupation stages.

  • For contract, the advisory engagement would be just before the contract signing to the point of practical handing over.
  • For the developer this would be at the project conceptual stage to the practical handing over.

Reduce the impending financial waste.

We shall advise on planning by-laws and possible environmental impacts for your proposed project. This would form part of your project due diligence process making